“This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a
testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14).
We are in the period between Pentecost and the Second Coming. And our job is to spread the gospel
to spread among all nations. Our sister churches have also taken on that task and are
working on that. They need our prayers. We pray for them.
On Ascension Day, the municipalities of South Natal had a joint meeting in
howick. It was well attended, despite the fact that it is no longer a public holiday in South Africa.
Africa. Howick's new congregation reports steady growth. Rev. Sithole is very grateful.
The churches are happy that people can meet physically again. However, people are concerned about the
so-called third wave of Covid infections that appear to be in other parts of the country
started. The municipality of Ndaleni has suffered badly from the previous wave, but not as bad as
our brothers and sisters in the Nqutu district in Northern Natal. Mrs Baron said that there was a
family was with five deaths. Pray for them.
Now that the municipalities are allowed to come together again, it appears everywhere that church visit is not
reduced by the long period of 'zooming' and not holding joint services. A point
of gratitude. However, the economic downturn still weighs heavily on the well-being of many.
There are tentative talks with local authorities now that the message has come through,
that Kampen will reduce support for the clinic at the mission station in the near future.
Our congregations in the Richmond district are asking for your prayers that we may be creative
find ways to strengthen contacts with the Netherlands.
We must learn to see each other as people, not just as groups in a distant land. Our
siblings have not only your prayers in the years to come, but also your financial support
still needed. However, it is important to work towards sustainable structures, which are based on the
Zulu congregations themselves can be worn.
We pray for the cause of succession in the municipality of Lensindiso (around the
mission station Enkumane). Rev. Funeka, who still works there part-time, will soon be 72. There is a lot
wisdom is needed to arrive at a sensible succession. Church mills grind slowly, but malen
our Lord has a plan.
Sincerely, Arie Reitsema