Sunday the 25 th of November was a day of joy for the congregation of Ndaleni in KwaZulu. Twenty young people confessed their faith. In the preceding week I was contacted a few times by Mongameli Masuku, one of our students. He was very excited about the catechism class he had been teaching in the past year. He had finished the year with a festive meal. When I asked him whether his pupils were ready to confess their faith, he responded: “Yes, they are ready to do confession this coming Sunday. But they stil need to have a discussion with the church session. However, I can say that they are ready to be full members of the church , since they had a total change of heart and showed excellency in class”.

I have known Mongameli for many years. Since the time when I was still engaged full time with the Mission in Richmond. He was a teenager then, an enthousiastic member of the youth group and the choir. He has been busy with his theological studies for several years now. First in Mukhanyo near Pretoria and now in Richmond. In the old style education model that we used as missionaries. Where the students stay at home in the congregation, participate in the mission work of the churches and study at the same time. This model worked in the past. These days the study is done via a distance education program from the University in Potchefstroom. Rev.Phungula is the mentor. Although there sometimes are obstacles in the study part, the system as a whole is bearing fruits.

We have four students in the program. Mongameli is one of them. In the past year he was tasked with the confession class at Ndaleni. And he was overjoyed when he could present his class to the church council a few weeks ago. Twenty people who could stand up before the congregation on Sunday the 25 th to profess publicly, that they had given their heart to Christ and intended to follow Him in their life. What a blessing! The churches in Holland can rejoice with their small sister in Kwa Zulu.

When we received the pictures of the church service via the Whatsapp, my wife and I studied the faces of the new members intently. It is already more than 12 years since we ‘retired’, so we are not as familiar with he younger generation anymore. It was a joy to recognise Khanyi, a daughter of Rev.Phungula, who led the service. We were also overjoyed, that Thabani was one of them. He is a son of Khumbu Shezi, who is like a daughter to us. She takes care of our home when we are in Holland. We have prayed for Thabani a lot. It was good to see our prayers answered. His mother is also very very thankfull.

While it was a joyful occasion for the congregation as a whole, for some it had a shadow side too. There were sixteen women standing in front of the church. Butonly four young men. This is not because Zoeloe mothers have more girls than boys.We searched in vain for the faces of some fellows, whom we had hoped would bethere.

Zulu young men have a tendency to follow their fathers of whom many are not believers, even though their wives have accepted Christ. Everywhere in the world the devil is doing his utmost to try to prevent the forming of Christian families, the building blocks of strong churches and healthy societies. In the West the sexual revolution is destroying the lives of millions. Resulting in broken families and people who are confused about their sexual identity. In Africa the battle for the family is also raging. Let us continue to pray that the Lord may draw more young men to him. He alone can bring blessing to the church and the world In the meantime we remain thankful for what he gave us in our sister church of Ndaleni on the 25 th of November.

Praise the Lord! Arie Reitsema
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