Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, we hope you are all well in the Netherlands, as we are here in South Africa,
Saturday 19. August 2017 we had a wonderful annual choir’s fastival at KwaMncane, it was a blessed day to be there, special to hear all those wonderful voices from our young people coming from Richmond, Pietermaritzburg, and KwaMncane and also Ezibomvini. It was very cold weather however but it couldn’t stop our youth to come and sing with their wonderful voices praising and woshipping the Lord Jesus Christ and God Jehovah. We give thanks to God almighty for giving us this day and also we want to thank Rev Phungula and Church Council of Ndaleni who always be with us here at KwaMncane every years on this day, may God bless them in a multiway.
With the sadness this morning (20th 08.2017) we have lost one of our old church member Mrs Nala, who have pass on to the Lord Jesus Christ today 20th 08.2017 she was a strong member our Congregation for long time and the daughter of the late Mrs Gidi from Zondi Store which is one of our old branches. She left three sons and two daughters the youngest son is about 14th years old
please remember them in your prayers

Rev. Paul Sithole
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