Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, we greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ,  we hope that you are all well in the Netherlands. We are all well here in South Africa, and we had a wonderful Ascension day service yesterday the 25th of May 2017. We have our brothers and sisters coming from all five Church Councils, which is Mid I llovo, Idwalalensindiso, Ndaleni and Imbumbulu they were all here at KwaMncane, we were glad to see Rev de Haan it was a blessing see coming to worship the Lord with us. Rev Hlela preached on the book of Act 1:1-14. Please pray for us as we continue doing the work of the Lord.
Greetings to all brothers and sisters in the Netherlands.
 Rev. JP Sithole
Reformed Church SA – KwaMncane
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