Acts 14 27 - Word of God not bound

In the letter of our Lord Jesus to the congregation in Philadelphia (Rev.3) He says: “See, I have placed before you an open door”. The metaphor of the open door is also used elsewhere in the New Testament (Acts 14, I  Cor.16) for opportunities for Mission. Philadelphia was a missionary congregation.

Kampen and its supporting churches also still have an open door in the South African project. The direct responsibility for mission has been taken over by our sister churches in SA. However, we continue to have the privilege of participating with our finances, prayers and spiritual support. Let’s be thankful for these opportunities. They need our support. And on the other hand they encourage us in our missionary task in the Netherlands.

Our brothers and sisters in South-Africa are confronted with increasing secularisation. Just like us. All kinds of ideologies capture the hearts of the people. Materialism is the order of the day. People are chasing after wealth. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Unemployment still stands at 40%. The ruling class is demanding an ever increasing share of the economic ‘cake’. The size of which is not growing in spite of a growing population. Right now the teachers are striking. People demand higher salaries while the spending power of the state decreases. We can pray, that the Christians are not singing along in the choir of the greedy. And that they don’t join in corrupt practices.

Our brother Jackson Sithole of Ndaleni is thankful, that his health has improved quite a lot. He is a teacher and is one of our preaching elders. Recently he was diagnosed with TB. For a while he was seriously ill. We are happy to hear, that the medicines are having a good effect. He is back in the classroom and has started preaching again. Keep praying for him.

Susile Mkhize recently lost her mother, Madayeni Mkhize. Madayeni was one of the first who came to faith in the Nomabhunga area in the seventies. I remember how her daughter as a ten year old started primary school. Everyone was illiterate in that valley, before we started church services and opened a school. Church services were held under a tree and school in a hut. A brother in law of Rev.Phungula was appointed as teacher. The population was so rough, that a female teacher could not cope amidst the heathen men of that area. Susile became a strong Christian. Pray for her. The loss of her mother has had a big impact. They were very close. Her mother was living with her.

Our theological students have discovered, that they really have to apply themselves to their studies. The four fellows who started in the distance learning program of Potchefstroom, have passed their first semester Greek. But Hebrew proved to be a bridge too far for three of them. Pray for them.

In the weekend of 6 and 7 October there will be a youth conference at the mission post Enkumane. Pray for a stimulating meeting. Every Friday evening Rev.Phungula leads a youth meeting in Pietermaritzburg with 30 young people. Pray, that these meetings may be used to bring many to the Lord and help them to follow Him.

Yours in the Lord, Arie Reitsema

Below a picture of  Jackson Sithole (preaching elder) and sister Susile Mkhize.

Broeder Jackson Sithole - prekend ouderling Zuster Susile Mkhize

Below some pictures of four students in Ndaleni attending Greek lectures from rev. Sipho Phungula.