2015-05-18 Fencing imbumbulu-umlazi
Yesterday (18 March 2015) the ZAC had meeting and I have mentioned there that an unaspected gift came to our account of € 6.200; we have decided in our meeting that the amount will be used for Fencing yard as called in your correspondence and today I gave our bank order to make an amount of ZAR 70.000 on the account of the church of Umlazi/Umbumbulu; please confirm us when the amount is received on your account and also please send us information when the fencing yard will be placed. (From Hans vd Berg)
I am so glad to write to you today (18-May-2015) and inform you that our fencing project has started and is almost finish. Just a small touch ups and everything will be in order, on behalf of the Reformed church Imbumbulu we say thank you so much. And on Thursday we had a blessing that all our Reformed church gathered together at Imbumbulu to celebrate the ascension of our Lord Jesus, brother Sipho Phungula was preaching, we had about 110 people who attended. I am have attached some of pictures of our fencing and of the ascension service. I will be updating you soon about the building site at eMakholweni. (From Thulanni Hlela)